Strategy Wise provides multifaceted automotive dealership solutions based on the needs of each dealership.

Our history of providing database marketing solutions for almost 20 years means we understand data and how to use it to help your dealership achieve results!

So much has changed over the years in the industry but one thing remains constant...dealerships remain committed to finding ways to improve the overall dealership experience for their customers and, of course, sell more vehicles and increase dealership revenues!

Some of our more popular services:

  • Data cleaning & updating
  • Integration of data across various platforms (Reynolds & Reynolds, Facebook, HubSpot, Salesforce, website analytics, other DMS software, etc.)
  • Profile Plus - cross reference data with geographic and demographic information to find new opportunities
  • Customer acquisition / retention strategies and programs
  • Digital marketing (video, visual, social)
  • Marketing programs & campaigns
  • Customer experience solutions
  • Full direct marketing services (email, online, social, and of course traditional direct mail which can still provide amazing results)