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Strategy Wise
Direct Marketing


Strategy Wise Direct Marketing is focused on the strategic use of customer information.

Our aim at Strategy Wise is help our clients acquire new customers and nurture the relationship over the long term towards maximizing profitability. We understand how important it is to keep your customers once you have them and will work with you to develop programs to accomplish this goal.


  • Strategic Planning - Access to a team of marketers and strategic planners all focused on increasing your profitability.
  • Marketing Plans - Clear, concise, and effective plans that provide direction for maximizing profits.
  • Customer Acquisition Programs - Increase revenues through acquiring new customers using effective prospecting methods.
  • Customer Retention Programs - Increase revenues and nurture relationships with existing customers.
  • E-mail Communication Strategies - Develop and implement effective, cost-efficient strategies taking advantage of powerful technology.
  • Loyalty Programs - Reward customer purchases and build stronger customer relationships.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Compete with big-budget marketers more effectively.
  • Direct Sales - Receive immediate orders from direct response marketing initiatives.
  • Lead Generation and Management - Programs designed to enhance the efforts of your sales force.
  • Project Management - Have your projects managed from start to completion by qualified managers.
  • Consulting - Access to a team of qualified consultants with a wide range of skill sets to suit your business requirements.


Most businesses and organizations keep track of customers using database or Point-Of-Sale software. Our strength lies in helping businesses and organizations extract, interpret, and use the data to nurture these relationships. And if you need to create a database we can help with that too.